Gang Mowers

24″ (61cm) cutter units sold in sets of 3 with towing hitch for ball or jaw attachment. Excellent at 5-7mph for cutting larger areas. Minimum 12hp tow unit required View specifications below.



Gang Mowers Specification

 Gang Mowers
Cutting Width Width of cut for 3 units is 1750mm (69”)
Cylinder 5 bladed
Height of Cut 6 - 30mm (1/4 - 1 1/4")
Cutter Performance 30 cuts/m (35 cuts/yd)
Dimensions L x W x H 508 x 840 x 330mm
Weight (approx) 50 kg (110 lbs)
Engine Requires min 12hp tractor
Drive System Ground driven
Speed of Operation Max 10 kph (7mph)

Gang Mowers Features & Benefits

  • 24" (610mm) cutting units
  • 69” (1750mm) cutting width as a set of 3
  • 50mm ball or jaw hitch to suit
  • Sheffield steel 5 bladed cylinder and bottom blade
  • Cast iron wheels and ribbed rubber tyres for positive drive to cylinders
  • Sealed no maintenance rear rollers with scrapers for even height of cut
  • Easy to dismantle frame assembly
  • Low maintenance units
  • Free wheel reverse ensures safe transport
  • Robust construction gives a quality cut without bouncing
  • Easy positive height of cut adjustment on the quality rear roller. Scraper bar fitted to ensure even height of cut.
  • Simple to set bottom blade to cylinder adjustment ensures that the units are always on cut. The deflector plate is adjustable for even throw of mown clippings.
  • 50mm ball or jaw hitch to suit most types of mower means the units can be quickly detached from the tractor unit.
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